(A Jazzman’s Search for Spiritual Manifestations in Many Nations)
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SUFI, SAINT & SWINGER (full book)

Salt Lake Ethnic Arts & Noon Concerts
Utah's top jazz and ethnic music
a non-profit promoting and producing effort since the 1960s
specializing in jazz and ethnic music partly funded by
Salt Lake County Zoo Arts & Parks + state and city arts councils

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New Orleans & Chicago jazz, Blues, Bop, Swing, Jive, Cool Jazz,
Cajun / Zydeco / Creole, Bavarian / European, clasical Persian & Turkc,
Asian, Oriental Jazz / Eastern Jazz, New Age,
concerts, festivals, dances, funerals, etc.
Annual Octoberfest, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July,
Christmas, New Year, No Ruz, etc.

email: docmiller(at)
Phone: (801) 548-7404

Worldclass Combo

L.M. Trio

Salt City Saints

Roaring Twenties


& Costa Caliente

L.A. Blues

Oriental Jazz


Oom Papas

Cajun Gumbo

Dr. Lloyd Miller background

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