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German, Scandinavian, French, Italian, Eastern European music for parties, weddings, Octoberfest and all events
P.O. Box 526362 SLC, UT 84152 (801) 548-7404

LISTEN TO THE OOM PAPAS (4 minute mp3 demo).

Fun European for Oktoberfest and other events


Muss I Den (30 sec. mp3)
Du Du Liegst Mir in Hertzen (27 sec. mp3)

Wass Wilst du Haben (16 sec. mp3)
Pennsylvania Polka (50 sec. mp3)
Stahlwerkers Polka (45 sec. mp3)
Chicken Tanz (27 sec. mp3)
Zeeland Dans (40 sec. mp3)

Janta A Ja (25 sec. mp3)
Frykdals Dans (25 sec. mp3)
Per Spelman (33 sec. mp3)

Hannes (25 sec. mp3)
Freut Euch des Lebens (25 sec. mp3)
Alsacian Waltz (20 sec. mp3)
Avant de Travers (23 sec. mp3 mp3)
Provincal tune (17 sec. mp3)

Tarentella (32 sec. mp3)
La Raspa (65 sec. mp3)

Setnja (30 sec. mp3)
Polish Waltz (15 sec. mp3)
Korobushka (22 sec. mp3)
Troika (23 sec. mp3)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where have the Oom Papas performed?

A: The Oom Papas have performed under various names all over Utah in main hotels, ski lodges, festivals, at the Salt Palace, The Gallivan Center, at U of U, BYU, Weber State University, at Westminster College, and other venues. The have played weddings, company parties, receptions, during 2002 Olympics and often at various Oktoberfests and international events.

Q: Where do the Oom Papas find their material?

A: Oom Papas founder Dr. Lloyd Miller lived 13 years in Eruope and beyond where he played ethnic music all over Europe from Scandinavia to Italy. Other than music learned in the countries, the repertoire includes French, Italian, Eastern European and Russian folk tunes from reliable recorded sources.

What's in the Oom Papas' repertoire?

A: The Oom Papas play folk music of Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy and Eastern Eruope including the following: Du Du Liegst Mir in Hertzen, Muss I' Den, Ein Zwei Suffa, Chicken Tanz, Ach Du Liebe Augestin, Wass Wilst Du Haben, Pennsylvania Polka, Per Spelman, Frykdals Dans, A Janta A Ja, Ack Varmeland du Skona, Hip A Hop, Ut i Var Hage, Zeeland Dans, Hannes, Freut Euch Des Lebens, Dans de Quatre Pas, Alsacian tune, Provincal tune, Avant de Travers, Yan Petit, Bastango, Alouette, Sur le Pont de Avignion, La Bustraigne, La Raspa, Taraentella, Finiculi Finicula, Santa Lucia, O Sole Mio, Varsouvienne, Polish waltz, Setnja, Horehronsky, Hungarian Gypsie tune, Ukarinian medley, Horod, Bielalitza, Korobushka, Vyechreni Zvon, Troika, Kalinka, etc.


      Multi-instrumentalist Lloyd Miller leads the Worldclass Combo as well as SwingnJive, & L.A.Blues & Salt City Saints . Miller has been playing jazz on various instruments since 1950 in California, several other states, throughout Europe and the Middle East. He has scored traditional jazz world premiers for Utah Symphony, Colorado Springs Symphony and Salt Lake Symphony. He won Intercollegiate Jazz Festival trophies three consecutive years in the 1960s and several recent Utah Composers Guild awards.
      Miller earned a PhD in Middle East Studies from the Univeristy of Utah with a dissertation on music and song texts which has been published by Curzon Press under the title Music and Song in Persia.

Musicians Who Have Played With theOom Papas

Musicians who have played with the Oom Papas include:Lloyd Miller (accordeon/clarinet); Dan Henderson, Lisa Verzella (trumpet); Nate Seamans, Alisha Ard (trombone); Scott Harris, Dave McConckie, (sax); Carey Hobbs, Joe Jensen, Steve Call (tuba), Lars Yorgason (tuba/bass), Ben Johnson (bass); Dave Murphy, Ken Breinholt, Lynn Brown (drums).

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